Spokesman for the International Coalition: The real hero against the terrorist organization ISIS is “SDF””

Kajin Ahmad –

The spokesman for the International Coalition to Fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq, General “Mayz Kiggins”, confirmed that the real hero against ISIS terrorist is the Syrian Democratic Forces, who crushed ISIS.

The general said in a press conference today, Saturday, that ISIS has harmed your family and your friends, and there are a number of children here who have only known war, and there are many orphans.

The spokesman for the coalition stressed their commitment to the peoples of the north and east of Syria, saying: “On behalf of the international coalition, you must know that we are committed to your direction.”

General “Kiggins” indicated that the coalition is participating in training programs for counterterrorism forces, and we are working with the SDF and Iraq to enhance the security of the common border between the two countries.

He explained that, from September 10, 2014, 7 million people were liberated, and 110 km from the lands that were under the rule of the terrorist organization ISIS.

Translation: Selava Omar

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