General “Mazloum Abdi” joins a lecture in Kobani about the special war and how to confront it, and confirms that the administration is witnessing the process of rebuilding a “video”

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The Academy of Democratic Society organized a forum on the special war in Kobane and how to confront it, attended by activists, officials, as well as intellectuals and writers.

The forum discussed the impact of special warfare and the ways and means of self-defense.

For his part, the Commander in Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, General Mazloum Abdi, sent a message to the forum in which he discussed the impact of the private war on our society, how to confront it, protect the soul, and find a response mechanism.

“Abdi” stated that the Turkish state, with its weak personalities, wants to destabilize society, but to no avail.

Abdi explained that the Turkish state, through its spies, wants to stir discord among the elements and undermine the security of the region.

Syrian General Mazloum Abdi emphasized that the Autonomous Administration in all its administrations is witnessing a rebuilding process, and that the administration witnessed mistakes and this cannot be denied, but the important thing is that we try to correct these mistakes and rebuild to face the stage.

He said that Kobane is a clean society in which there is no place for the enemy, and if he was able to create some spies for him, that is little and they are revealed quickly.

And Abdi’s statements are considered messages to many parties, including electronic flies who publish fabricated news and reports from time to time and try to split the ranks of self-management and create a problem out of their broad imagination.

الحديث الكامل #لقائد_قوات_سوريا_الديمقراطية_الجنرال_مظلوم_عبدي حول آخر الأوضاع في مناطق #الإدارة_الذاتية والتطورات الأخيرة في العالم#Xeber24

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Translation: Selava Omar

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