US report: Thousands of Syrian mercenaries sent by Ankara to Libya

Beritan Tello – Xeber24

According to a US report, today, Thursday, the presence of thousands of Syrian mercenaries who were sent by Ankara to the Libyan lands to fight alongside the Government of National Accord, which strengthens the undermining of security inside the country and generates a violent response from the Libyans.

The Inspector General of the US Department of Defense explained in the new report that he submitted based on the information of the American Command in Africa (AFRICOM), according to what the “Associated Press” indicated the size of Turkish activities and interventions in Libya.

He confirmed that Ankara has sent to Libya at least 5,000 Syrian mercenaries who worked closely with it in the Syrian war, to assist the armed militias allied with Al-Wefaq in Tripoli in fighting the Libyan army.

AFRICOM, the Syrian mercenaries who are fighting with the Al-Wefaq militia, described them as “inexperienced, uneducated, and their motives are promises of a large salary.”

She pointed out that some of these extremists and militants, the private Turkish military company, “Sadat”, supervised their training and payment of their wages.

It is noteworthy that the founder of Sadat Company, Adnan Tanri Verdi, is a retired Turkish general with a strong relationship with Erdogan, and he worked as one of his military advisors.

The report, which monitored the developments of the crisis in Libya between April and June of this year, indicated that Turkey has also deployed hundreds of its regular forces in the Libyan territories, including technicians and operators of the Turkish air defense systems deployed in the west of the country.

Note that he warned of the negative effects of the continued presence of Syrian mercenaries on the general security situation in the country, especially after the increasing reports of theft, sexual assault and misconduct in the western regions, which is likely to further deteriorate the security situation and generate a violent response from the Libyans.

Translation: Selava Omar

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