What was the Russian response when Turkey asked them for an explanation of why Moscow had received the Kurdish delegation ??

Brusk Hassan –

A high-level delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council and the Democratic Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria held talks with the Syrian national opposition and with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Russian government officials.

On August 27, 2020, the delegation of the “MSD” arrived in the Russian capital, Moscow, at the official invitation of its foreign ministry, the delegation included Ilham Ahmed, head of the executive body of the “SDF” and its deputy Hikmat Habib, Sihanouk Dibo, representative of the Syrian Democratic Council to Cairo, and Sennacherib Barsoum, a member of the SDF.

And the head of the Syriac Union Party, to sign an agreement with the Popular Administration Party led by the Syrian opposition, Qadri Jamil, and to hold talks with high-ranking Russian government officials.

The Autonomous Administration’s delegation held meetings with officials in the Russian government and held direct talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, which provoked Turkey’s response, which issued a statement through its foreign ministry in which it denounced the meeting of the Syrian Democratic Council delegation, which he described as the Kurdish delegation with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.

As the Turkish Foreign Ministry considered the meeting to come in the field of officialdom, and objected to receiving the highest ranks in the country for them, in reference to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov receiving them.

According to a European diplomatic source to “Xeber24,” Turkey, its Russian counterpart, demanded an explanation of the reason for the official reception of the “Kurdish” Syrian Democratic Council delegation at the highest levels in Moscow ??

Moscow demanded that an explanation be provided on the reason for the photos that appeared on social media pages and international agencies, before the Turkish delegation’s visit on August 31 to Moscow, where the Turkish delegation asked their Russian counterparts twice during the talks about the reason. The Russian response was all cold, “Moscow received “The Kurdish delegation twice before, and it was explained directly to the Turkish side at that time.”

Although the Turkish delegation expressed their rejection of the Russian reception of the delegation of democratic Syria with a strong tone, Moscow responded with coldness to them, saying that Moscow had received the delegation twice before.

Translation: Selava Omar

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