German newspaper: Turkish generals rejected Erdogan’s request to sink a Greek ship

Beritan Tello –

Erdogan insists on fanning the flames of his country by land and sea, in the hope of stoking nationalism and salvaging his declining popularity.

And Yesterday, Tuesday, the German newspaper Die Welt reported, citing Turkish military sources, that Erdogan had asked the army generals a few days ago to sink a Greek frigate or ship.

The sources added to the newspaper, that the generals rejected this proposal, and missed this opportunity for Erdogan because doing the actions requested by the Turkish President was sufficient to ignite a war in the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, Turkish experts have issued warnings in the face of Erdogan, due to his war policies that may harm the Turkish economy.

These experts said that Turkey’s rush in its differences with its neighbors and allies leads to a further deterioration of its national currency, and that the economy may pay the price for the political ambitions of the Turkish leadership.

In this context, economist Selcuk Gachar said that the Turkish lira may collapse against the dollar by 15 liras for one dollar as a result of the deteriorating relations with the United States and fears of a war with Greece.

Translation: Selava Omar

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