Pompeo warns China against violating Iranian sanctions

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced, in a radio statement, that the United States intends to prevent arms trade between China and Iran.

And “Pompeo” said that one of the countries that wants to sell weapons to Iran is China, and that it will make big money because of that.

Pompeo added that if China violated the US sanctions regime against Iran, Washington would force it to bear responsibility, describing Iran and China as the two biggest human rights violators.

The US Secretary of State indicated that he expects the re-imposition of international sanctions on Iran next fall, which will reduce the scope for business between China and Iran.

Pompeo returned, last Tuesday, to reiterate his country’s determination to hold Iran accountable and stop its subversive activities in the region.

In a tweet on his Twitter account on Tuesday, he mentioned the US administration’s intention to re-impose sanctions on Iran.

He wrote: “The United Nations sanctions that the United States is returning against Iran, in addition to maintaining the arms embargo on Tehran, will hold the Iranian regime accountable for all of its subversive activities, activities that the authors of the nuclear deal foolishly ignored”, according his describe.

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