The representative of the Autonomous Administration from Geneva reveals to “Xeber24” the reason for the failure of the discussions of the Syrian constitution drafting committee and its third rounds.

Prepare: Kajin Ahmad –
Translation: Selava Omar

Hikmat Ibrahim, the representative of the Autonomous Administration in Geneva, Switzerland, revealed today, Sunday, the contents of the discussions that were discussed in the discussions of the Syrian constitution drafting committee, which concluded on Saturday.

Ibrahim told “Xeber24”: The main points that are supposed to be discussed have not been discussed yet, and that during the three days that they held their sessions, they touched on the issue of national identity and the culture of Syria, but there has been no serious discussion in this regard yet.

The diplomatic representative emphasized that these talks failed even before they started, because they were held under pressure by the United States on the negotiating parties and their supporters, especially Turkey.

“Ibrahim” attributed the failure of this round, like other previous rounds, to many reasons, saying: “The basis for anything, if it is wrong, then inevitably the results will be a failure, and this committee has failed even in preparing it, because whoever wants to formulate a constitution and a future for any country must be in attendance, all shades of his people and not exclude any of its components.

He added, that this committee was supposed to meet on the 24th of this month, but the emergence of 3-4 people infected with the Coronavirus, became an excuse to postpone it, and it was resumed under pressure from some international parties, so it was inevitable that the result would be failure.

Ibrahim clarified, “For its part, the Syrian regime is trying to thwart these talks, or at least delay them, until it ends its presidential elections scheduled for the middle of next year on the basis of the old constitution.”

He also pointed out that “those gathered in Geneva do not represent the Syrians, but rather are representatives of Iran, Turkey and Russia,” noting that “such people cannot formulate a constitution for Syria and its future,” referring to the intersection and conflict of international interests in Syria, and their division into areas of influence Between them.

Ibrahim pointed out, “So far, no issue has been discussed regarding the future of Syria and the drafting of its constitution, and that the focus of discussions revolves around the exchange of accusations between the negotiating parties.

The diplomatic representative stressed that “the Syrian solution lies in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue with the participation of all Syrians,” expressing their willingness to engage in any such discussions as a negotiating party and a representative of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, and stressing that excluding them from any negotiations will be doomed to failure, and they will not admit With its results.

He continued, that Turkey created terrorism and supplied its organizations, such as ISIS and its sisters in northern and eastern Syria, to fight the Syrian Democratic Forces and the People’s Protection Units at that time, and thwart the democratic self-management project.

And “Ibrahim” said: I personally delivered documents of 52 pages to Germany, when I was a representative of the Autonomous Administration in Berlin, explaining Turkey’s involvement with terrorist organizations, especially ISIS, with evidence and clues.

In a briefing to a question about their relations with Turkey and that there were indirect negotiations with it, Ibrahim said: We, as an Autonomous Administration, did not host hostility to Turkey.

And he went on to say: Turkey does not respect international covenants and covenants regarding its relations with neighboring countries, noting that they are open to dialogue with it through any country that initiates this.

In response to a question about their relations with the Syrian regime and Russia, the diplomatic representative answered: The mentality of the Syrian regime has never changed what it was before 2011, despite all the meetings with it, whether in Moscow, Qamishlo or Hmeimim, and it wants to impose its control over our regions as it was before, without taking into account all the sacrifices we made in the region.

Regarding relations with Russia, Ibrahim responded, “Russia’s interests are strong in Syria, especially in our regions, so it wants to consolidate its presence in northern and eastern Syria according to the requirements of its interests, and this explains its continuous clashes with the American forces in the region.

In conclusion, the diplomatic representative of the Autonomous Administration in Switzerland affirmed that without the representatives of all components of the Syrian people, a solution to the Syrian crisis, especially the peoples of northern and eastern Syria and the Syrian Democratic Forces, cannot be found, it is not possible to formulate a Syrian future and constitution, and any outcome of these discussions does not concern us nor recognize with it.

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