MSD through “Xeber24” calls for the restructuring of the Syrian negotiating body and getting rid of the Turkish tutelage and reveals the status of negotiations with the regime and its conditions

Prepare: Sorkhin Resul ـ
Translation: Selava Omar

The Syrian Democratic Council called for the restructuring of the Syrian Negotiating Committee, whose third round was supposed to begin today in Geneva to draft the new constitution for Syria, stressing that the people of Syria and their national forces are not fully represented in this body, and that any absence of national representation in making the Syrian solution is not Accepted by it.

The representative of the Syrian Democratic Council in the Republic of Egypt “Sihanouk Dibo” confirmed in exclusive statements to “Xeber24”, “The solution to the Syrian crisis lies in either restructuring the Syrian negotiating body, which is currently exposed to Turkish tutelage, or part of it, or starting a dialogue process Interior and a national conference for the Syrian opposition, with the support of the United Nations.

Dibo added: “The Syrian people and their national democratic forces are not all represented in the committees, the first of which is the Syrian Democratic Council, and if the issue of comprehensive national representation in making the Syrian solution is ignored, then the meeting of the Constitutional Committee today may not be accepted as a complementary step to what happened in the last meeting of the negotiating body,” Where the meeting that led to a split or crack in this body, according to these tools, it is not possible to talk about obtaining the necessary solution or about any solution.

And about whether there are American or other promises to join them in the Geneva talks and fulfill these promises, Dibo explained, “We have not heard that any regional or international party, such as Washington, has promised us to join the Geneva process with all its dynasties, foremost of which is the Constitutional Committee; Despite a recent real attempt through the Cairo Conference “3”, which was not scheduled to convene due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemicو and the result that we are seeing in our hands until this moment is that we were absent from the negotiation process, following a Turkish veto.

The diplomatic representative indicated, “As for the Syrian dialogues, it was to block a path that began in June 2018 and is still effective until the moment with the aim of holding a national conference for the Syrian opposition that will result in a new opposition political entity, which we will be part of with expressive solution principles and means. These are some of the available solutions, and it is certain that there are other ideas that must be networked with each other and to give weight to their commonalities.

Turning to the negotiations between the Syrian regime and the Autonomous Administration, Dibo said: “We do not believe that real negotiations took place between us and the authority in Damascus. Although there were many meetings that could be called dialogues, they were not constructive. We are not responsible for this unfortunate result. ”

The diplomat pointed out, “If we are asked to enter into this again, we have shown preparedness for it in advance, and if we assume that Damascus has the sufficient will to achieve this step, it is assumed that this will be matched by targeted effects of the breakthrough to solve the Syrian crisis or the basic principles of the solution.”

In this context, Dibo stressed that “the preconditions calling for ending the Autonomous Administration and dissolving the Syrian Democratic Forces cannot be accepted.”

He continued, “Instead, and on the way to restoring a united Syria, serious constructive dialogue can be made for the Autonomous Administration to be part of the general Syrian administrative system with explicit powers approved in the constitution, and this can apply to the Syrian Democratic Forces according to certain mechanisms that are agreed upon between the concerned parties.”

Dibo noted, “Today, open Syrian minds and visions of a lot are required, conditions cannot be imposed by any party on another party, which binds a national industry for the Syrian social contract, and it is certain that they will not conflict with the Syrian national strategy.

We would also like to emphasize that this path, if the beginning was written for it, will not be a substitute for the Geneva process, but rather a supplement or assistant to it, and what has happened to the moment within the paths of the Syrian solution can benefit from its mistakes and address the shortcomings that lie in them, foremost among which is the absence of the Syrian Democratic Council from the solution negotiations.

On the attempts of the Syrian and Iranian regimes to move their cells in the eastern Deir AL-Zoor region during this period, Dibo indicated, “Neither the Syrian society nor the interveners in Syria agree to return to Syria to the 2011 and earlier formula, in the forefront of them the Syrian authority, and any party interested in bringing in the Syrian solution.

Dibo stressed, “The agreement that we observe between Ankara, Tehran and Damascus in directing its tools to create discord and thus instability in the Autonomous Administration areas, it is a source of concern for the components of this region, especially in Deir Al-Zoor, Will be rejected, If not, the fate of such attempts will be in failure.

The representative of the Syrian Democratic Council stressed, “The Autonomous Administration has automatically turned to thwart every project threatening Syria’s unity and territorial integrity, in the example of the new Ottoman Empire or the so-called Tehran-Beirut line through Damascus.”

He added, “The reasons that led to the establishment of the Autonomous Administration for the sake of the Syrian solution are not to be in an axis against another axis, basically, we are not concerned and do not bear the responsibility of entering into the policy of the axes.”

Dibo called, “In this sensitive stage, everyone should review his accounts, especially with regard to the people of Deir Al-Zoor, who today are practicing an advanced state – despite the mistakes and shortcomings that the people have in the regions through their civil and military councils, and he was basically one of the first participants in the Syrian rejectionist movement, with the aim of change nine years ago, he was in the field of the so-called ISIS.

The diplomatic representative demanded that “this scene must be dealt with responsibly and not with vengeance, and to drag the region into intra-state conflicts,” we affirm that everyone who thinks according to this narrow factional thinking will fail.

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