From Moscow, through “Xeber24″ ,” the Syrian Democratic delegation sheds light on the main and strong points of the agreement with the national opposition and the views and impressions of the Russian administration about it.

Kajin Ahmad – Xeber24.net

The delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council signed with representatives of the Popular Will Party and the Front for Change and Liberation led by Qadri Jamil today, Monday, a memorandum of understanding to resolve the Syrian crisis in the Russian capital, Moscow.

In this regard, “Xeber 24” had a private dialogue with “Mr. Sihanouk Dibo”, a member of the participating Syrian Democratic delegation and its representative in Cairo.

“Mr. Dibo” emphasized, “This is not the first attempt nor the first text that is signed by the Syrian Democratic Council and the parties, figures and forces of the National Democratic Opposition,” explaining, “But what distinguishes this memorandum is that it is considered an advanced step towards depth, dealing with the basic issues of resolving the Syrian crisis. Within five critical points.

The diplomatic representative explained, “At the beginning, the focus was on, the political solution to the Syrian crisis, and at the same time that the comprehensive political process has not been launched until this moment in light of the absence and exclusion of major forces and parties that have a fundamental role and representation in Syrian society, foremost of which is the Syrian Democratic Council. “.

Dibo added, “The issue of decentralization has also been focused on and has been dealt with transparently, provided that this decentralization is constituted within the basic characteristics or functions that concern the authority of the people themselves in the regions directly, in an executive and representative manner, in addition to achieving self-sufficiency, meaning the economic factor and sustainable development, and ensuring Taking into account a balanced share of the state budget, in addition to the usual central functions.

He pointed out, “On the other hand, a clear focus has been placed on the constitutional recognition of the Kurdish issue in Syria, and it must be resolved in accordance with international covenants and covenants, and other nationalities issues such as Syriacs, Assyrians and others.”

The political diplomat noted, “Emphasizing the role of the Syrian Democratic Forces in ending terrorism and enhancing security and stability up to this moment, and that it is imperative to find a formula and mechanisms to be agreed upon in order to be part of the National Army institution according to its privacy.”

Dibo pointed out that “the most important point in our assessment is that the Democratic Autonomous Administration is, until this moment, the best projects that have approached and dealt effectively and practically with a solution to the Syrian crisis, and stresses the need for comprehensive democratic change.”

The political diplomat also touched on their delegation’s meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, saying: “He can describe it as positive and constructive, the meeting dealt with resolving the Syrian crisis and the need not to exclude any component of the Syrian society from resolving the Syrian crisis.”

Dibo said that during the meeting: “Emphasis was once again on the need to involve the components of northern and eastern Syria, especially the Kurdish component, and it should not be absent, and solutions must be sought.”

He pointed out that the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov addressed the memorandum of understanding during the meeting, describing it as positive, and the presence of some strong points in it.

Dibo concluded, “It can be said that the Syrian Democratic Council added this point to its balance, whether by dealing with the national democratic opposition or by enriching diplomatic lines with all regional and international countries, especially a country like Russia that has value and influence in a direct solution to the Syrian crisis.”

Translation: Selava Omar

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