Turkey extends the work of an exploration ship in the Mediterranean

Selava Omar – -“Agencies”

Turkey said, on Monday, that its exploration ship “Oroch Rais” will now conduct seismic surveys in a disputed area in the eastern Mediterranean until September 12, in a move likely to inflame tensions in the region.

And Turkey and Greece, both members of NATO, are fiercely at loggerheads over demands for hydrocarbon resources in the region, the dispute was based on conflicting views on the extension of the continental shelf in the waters that dot most of the Greek islands.

The two sides held military exercises in the eastern Mediterranean, highlighting the potential for an escalation of the dispute over the extension of the continental shelf.

The Turkish Navy issued a new notice saying that the work of the vessel “Oroch Rais” will continue until 12 September, where It was previously scheduled to operate until September 1.

The notice referred to a specific exploration area, but Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Saturday that the ship would continue operating for the next 90 days after it gradually approached the Turkish province of Antalya.

Seismic surveys will be part of the preliminary work for the search and exploration for hydrocarbons, Turkey is also exploring hydrocarbon resources in the Black Sea, where it discovered a gas field containing 320 billion cubic meters (11.3 trillion cubic feet).

Separately, Turkey also said it would hold military exercises off northwest Cyprus until September 11.

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