Despite the worsening crisis.. Turkey is extending its gas exploration mission in the eastern Mediterranean

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

Today, Thursday, the Turkish authorities officially announced the extension of the work of the Turkish exploration vessel “Uruç Rayis”, until the evening of the first of September.

This morning, the Turkish authorities issued a new maritime declaration stating that the Turkish army will conduct armed military exercises on the first and second of next September, in the Mediterranean region.

The Turkish authorities had previously said that the Turkish exploration vessel “Uruç Rayis” would conduct exploration operations until the evening of August 23, then extended the ship’s work with a new announcement, until August 27 – today, but it resumed today for the second time. Extending the ship’s work in the eastern Mediterranean, until the first of September.

And it is worth of noting the work of the Turkish drilling ship “Uruç Rayis” near the Greek islands sparked the tension between Ankara and Athens, mainly.

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