Special: Tension and anger between Syria’s envoy and the head of the coalition, and the latter threatens to dismiss the Kurdish National Council

Brusk Hassan –

Tension prevailed at the meeting that took place in the Turkish city of Istanbul, which brought together the US special envoy for Syria and the Syrian opposition delegation on Wednesday.

According to the information, the head of the Syrian coalition, Nasr al-Hariri, and his accompanying delegation expressed their annoyance about the speech of the US special envoy to Syria, “Joel Raybrunn”, who demanded that the opposition’s positions be compatible with the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

According to an informed source in the Syrian opposition from the city of Antab to “Xeber24”, Hariri described the Syrian Democratic Forces as “terrorists” and that they carry a separatist project, and that the Kurdish-Kurdish talks would not be fruitful, announcing that they could have separated the Kurdish National Council from the Syrian opposition coalition, But they waited until the end of the negotiations to know the final outcome, despite their prior knowledge of the failure of these talks and their futility with the PYD.

However, the American envoy, “Raybrun”, unexpectedly, was angry at Hariri’s speech, and demanded that the coalition’s visions be compatible with those of the Syrian Democratic Forces, when they meet with the Syrian Democratic Forces, they criticize the coalition and the opposition. When we meet the (SDF), we hear criticism of the opposition, and when we meet the opposition, we hear the same thing against the SDF, why don’t you talk about Assad?

But “Hariri” returned and accused the Syrian Democratic Forces of having a separatist project and being considered allies of the Syrian regime.

Translation: Selava Omar

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