Special: Turkey succeeds in putting pressure on the Kurdish Council “ENKS” to block the Kurdish talks with a new condition, and Jeffrey is in Ankara to convince them

Brusk Hassan –

Turkey has managed, through pressure on the Kurdish National Council, to obstruct the Kurdish-Kurdish discussions that have been taking place between the Kurdish National Council and the Kurdish national unity parties, for a short time, led by the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and mediated by the United States of America.

According to reports, Turkey has succeeded in making the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) demand crippling matters in the ongoing negotiations, which lead to the “stalling” of these negotiations.

The Kurdish National Council (Turkey) demanded a second force in northern and eastern Syria, and this is what America, France and Germany rejected, and they emphasized that there is no military alternative to the Syrian Democratic Forces and its leader, General Mazloum Abdi.

And after the negotiations faltered, the US ambassador and the special envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, tries to convince the Turks of the need to participate in the rest of the administrations, but leave the military file represented by the Syrian Democratic Forces, becouse it is the only force that protects the region and has succeeded in its tasks completely in fighting terrorism.

But Turkey, which controls the decision of the Kurdish National Council, lately pressed it greatly, after the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) succeeded with diplomatic skill in containing the demands of the Kurdish National Council ENKS, whether in the administrative divisions or in the budget and economy or in political and administrative representation, and even making changes On the social contract and with the participation of the rest of the components that must be taken into account always, which led Turkey to put a list of demands before the Kurdish National Council ENKS, among which was that it have a military force specializing in it and protect it and protect its offices that are under attack by the second party, according to her claim.

And the Turkish Anadolu Agency revealed, in a report, that the American Special Envoy for Syria James Jeffrey arrived in Ankara on Wednesday to discuss the Syrian file.

She explained that the two sides discussed during the meeting issues of the political process, support for the work of the Constitutional Committee, the situation in Idlib, and the maintenance of the ceasefire.

The two sides touched on the issue of the Autonomous Administration “east of the Euphrates” and the latest developments in it, in addition to discussing the talks taking place between the Kurdish-Kurdish parties led by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the United States of America.

The oil deal between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the United States was also discussed.

The agency said, quoting its diplomatic sources, that “the Turkish views on the recent developments east of the Euphrates have been confirmed, and the talks between the“ Syrian Democratic Forces ”and the“ Syrian Kurdistan National Council ”, and the oil deal between the United States and America and the Kurdish parties.

Upon his arrival in Ankara, Jeffrey told reporters that he had come from Geneva and that there were “exciting developments” regarding the Syrian file.

Translation: Selava Omar

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