New York Times: injures among US forces after clashes with Russian forces in eastern Syria

Selava Omar –

The “New York Times” newspaper reported that a small number of US soldiers were injured this week during skirmishes with Russian forces in northeastern Syria, underscoring the risk of escalating tensions between the two rival powers in a deeply contested part of the country.

And two US officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the injuries were the result of a collision between a Russian and an American vehicle, and there was no exchange of fire between the two sides, and that four soldiers showed mild symptoms similar to a concussion and were receiving medical care at their base in Syria.

Tuesday’s fight is the latest clash between Russian and American ground patrols in northeastern Syria after the United States withdrew from most of that region before a Turkish cross-border attack last fall, the newspaper said.

And US officials said that the Russian military have increasingly clashed with US forces on highways in the region, in violation of agreements between the two countries.

Pentagon spokesmen declined to comment on what happened, and referred all questions to the White House, indicating that the Defense Department does not want to focus attention on tensions with Moscow during the Republican conference.

And White House National Security Council spokesman John Oliot said in a statement that a Russian vehicle hit a US vehicle during a routine US patrol near Derek, at around 10 a.m. local time on Tuesday, injuring US service members, according to newspaper

“To deescalate the situation, the coalition patrol left the area.

And the newspaper reported that unsafe and unprofessional measures like these violate the conflict resolution protocols that the United States and Russia committed to in December 2019.

And ut administration critics said the White House response was too short, Where “Brett McGurk” sarcastically tweeted: “As the speakers claim, we are well respected under Trump’s leadership, Russian military forces are attacking and wounding American forces in Syria.”

Referring to the commander in chief, McGurk added, “Trump has fired all qualified military commanders from their posts, and these incidents have been going on for months, and it is clear that Trump never raised this issue in his many calls with Putin.”

And The former director of the Syria office at the National Security Council, Alexander Beck, said that Russia may have political reasons for choosing to fight now, as for the Russians, they want to provoke an incident like this to test the reaction of Trump, who is still in office, as the Russians believe that the Biden administration may be more Hostility toward Russia. “

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