A Newspaper: A humanitarian catastrophe is looming in the Syrian Hasakah, amid high temperatures and cut water by Turkey

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

The Emirati newspaper, “The National”, reported that local officials had warned of a looming humanitarian disaster in the Syrian province of Hasaka, amid soaring temperatures.

Tens of thousands of people in northeastern Syria fear death from thirst, after the main water supply is cut off, amid high summer temperatures and the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Hasaka, relies on the Alouk water station near Ras al-Ain / Serêkaniyê, which is occupied by Turkey, for most of the water supply, but the flow stopped on August 13, according to local sources.

And residents have little to no drinking water, as summer temperatures reach 46 degrees Celsius, high temperatures cause an increase in diseases such as diarrhea, and the lack of water for hygiene is a serious problem for efforts to stop the spread of the global epidemic.

Reporter Radwan Khalil, a resident of Hasaka, told The National newspaper: “All the residents of the city are suffering from a lack of water, and if no one interferes, a real disaster will occur in the city, especially since the number of people infected with Coronavirus whose is increasing daily.”

It is worth noting that the city of Hasaka was damaged by ISIS, and it has limited health care facilities and medical supplies.

The recent Turkish invasion led to the displacement of thousands of people to the city to live in camps, gyms and abandoned schools, which increased its population sharply.

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