A British newspaper: The health system in Syria is destroyed and unable to cope with the epidemic

Selava Omar –

The British newspaper “The Guardian” reported, in the words of a Syrian healthcare professional working in Damascus: “The country is facing a terrifying Covid-19 crisis, in addition to the tragic Syrian situation, where the country has been suffering for a decade from conflicts and economic turmoil, we have already reached a stage of disability and we expect the worst.

Our nurses and doctors suffer from a serious shortage of medical supplies, personal protective equipment, and tests, and hospitals in Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and other cities across the country lack the basic tools to deal with a pandemic of this scale due to the long war, poor planning and mismanagement.

And over the past weeks, the numbers of infections and deaths from the Coronavirus have increased rapidly and are much higher than the official figures of the Syrian government or the World Health Organization.

Where the Deputy Director of Health in Damascus estimated the real number of Corona cases at 112,500 in the Damascus region alone, in addition to hundreds of unconfirmed deaths related to the Coronavirus every day, and Aleppo hospitals also suffer from running out of body bags.

And many patients who have symptoms now prefer to stay at home rather than seek medical care, and people try to buy oxygen and ventilators, and we see with our own eyes the patients lying in the streets crying for help. ”

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