The coalition withdraws from the Iraqi base “Taji” today

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

“Al Arabiya” network, citing informed sources, reported that the American forces will hand over the Taji base on Sunday to the Iraqi forces.

This comes in conjunction with the visit of Prime Minister “Mustafa Al-Kazemi” to Washington, in which he discussed the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, among other topics.

Six years and a little more is the age of the period that the international coalition, led by the United States, spent in Iraq with the aim of helping at that time to expel ISIS, which was controlling a number of cities at the time.

Today, after those years have passed with their twists and turns, the Joint Operations Command announced that those forces, especially the American ones, will withdraw from the Taji base north of Baghdad, which is considered the most important for these forces, and are likely to head to the Al-Baghdadi and Harir bases in Erbil.

The withdrawal process is supervised by the joint command responsible for coordination with the coalition forces, which makes its role after the withdrawal confined to training and information exchange.

And what remains of these retreating forces will return to the countries from which they came without being stationed or redeployed to any base in Iraq.

And going back to the date of June 15, 2014, that is, since the arrival of the international coalition forces, we find that these forces focus their role in eliminating ISIS mercenaries, and have participated in the battles to liberate Mosul, Anbar and Salah al-Din.

After defeating ISIS in 2017, its tasks shifted to training, arming, and providing intelligence to Iraqi forces, in addition to direct military support through sorties to pursue ISIS sleeper cells and neutralize them with strikes.

As for the most prominent bases in which it was located, Taji, north of Baghdad, Baghdad airport base, Balad base in Salah al-Din, Habbaniyah base in Anbar, Ain al-Assad base in Anbar, K1 base in Kirkuk and al-Harir in Erbil.

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