Washington Times: ISIS continues to be a threat in the Middle East

Selava Omar – Xeber24.net

The Washington Times reported that during an online discussion sponsored by the Atlantic Council, a panel of government officials and analysts reported that despite the tremendous progress the international coalition has made over the past several years, ISIS continues to pose a threat to the United States and its allies in the Middle East. “.

And the newspaper added “Meanwhile, thousands of ISIS fighters are still behind bars in prisons run by fighters from northeastern Syria allied with the United States “the Syrian Democratic Forces”.

And despite Trump’s determination to reduce his forces, about 750 US military personnel remain in Syria, “this means that local forces have to deal with the threat alone or with limited outside assistance,” Meyer said.

Atlantic Council researcher “Samira jamel” said “With the decline of ISIS’s strength as a fighting force, most of the basic conditions – such as tyranny and sectarian tensions – that led to its rise have not been fully addressed,” .

“Even if ISIS as an organization is defeated, the truth is that violent extremism and violent extremist organizations still have the opportunity to establish themselves in Syria,” she explained.

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