Cyprus criticizes the European Union’s agreement with Turkey in the exploration dispute in the Mediterranean

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

Cyprus criticized its European Union partners on Monday for what it said was shame that amounted to a “policy of appeasement” in dealing with Turkey, which is locked in a confrontation with Cyprus and Greece over oil and gas exploration in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Cypriot statements came after Greece failed to obtain a strong commitment from its European Union partners to impose sanctions on Turkey for conducting surveys to detect gas at sea in areas that both countries claim that they have rights.

There are two Turkish survey ships in two places of the disputed sea area, where Greece says that one of the two places is on its continental shelf, while Cyprus claims the second place, Turkey says it has rights in both places.

“Unfortunately, we are witnessing the European Union ashamed of playing a concrete role and adopting deterrent policies,” a Cypriot government spokesman said in statements to reporters.

He said Nicosia would welcome expressions of support from its European Union partners, but that was not enough. “The policy of appeasement and messages of support are not sufficient to discourage Turkey with regard to its illegal actions,” he said.

He added that the European Union needs to have a “more intense” presence in the eastern Mediterranean.

And the European Union issued a new rebuke to Turkey on Sunday after announcing the extension of the vessel (Yavuz) to explore for oil and gas in the disputed Mediterranean waters off the coast of Cyprus until mid-September.

For a long time there has been a rivalry between Turkey and the internationally recognized Greek Cypriot government in Cyprus, the island was divided after the Turkish invasion in 1974, which was caused by a brief coup d’état planned by the military who ruled Greece.

And no country, with the exception of Turkey, recognizes a Turkish Cypriot state in the north of the island.

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