Trump pledges to reimpose sanctions on Iran and he rules out participation in Putin’s Iran summit

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

US President Donald Trump said that his country would move next week to activate a clause in the nuclear agreement concluded with Iran allowing the re-imposition of sanctions on it, and he also ruled out participating in a summit proposed by his Russian counterpart on Iran.

Trump said during a press conference, yesterday evening, Saturday, “We will resort to Snapback,” the mechanism that any state party to the nuclear agreement concluded with Iran in 2015 can resort to it to re-impose sanctions on Iran, and added: “We will take measures to respond to what happened in the Council. Security”.

It is noteworthy that the principle of “Snapback” or the mechanism of “automatic return of sanctions” is stipulated in Resolution 2231, as this mechanism allows any of the signatory countries to the nuclear agreement to submit a complaint to the United Nations in case Iran violates any of the terms of the agreement.

It also allows member states to unilaterally re-apply all international sanctions on Iran, after they were lifted as part of the nuclear deal.

With the end of the Iranian arms embargo after nearly two months, the US government will impose on Iran to suspend all enrichment-related activities, including research and development, and ban the import of anything that contributes to those activities.

In addition, Iran will be prevented from developing ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, and sanctions will be re-imposed on dozens of individuals and entities in this regard.

Countries will also be urged to inspect shipments to and from Iran and will obtain permits to confiscate any prohibited shipment.

In addition to banning oil and gas exports, sanctions will be imposed on non-oil exports such as petrochemicals, which have become the only outlet for the ailing Iranian economy, as the riyal currency is experiencing a historic collapse, along with the disrupted industries that have led to ongoing strikes and labor protests.

On the other hand, Trump has ruled out participating in the summit proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding Iran, stressing that he prefers to wait until after the US presidential elections.

On Friday, Putin called for an emergency video summit that includes the leaders of the five permanent members of the Security Council, Germany and Iran, to resolve the prevailing differences in the UN Security Council over the Iranian nuclear file and ways to contain tension in the Gulf.

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