Amid the tension between Washington and Beijing .. a US military operations in the South China Sea

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

A group of US combat ships led by an aircraft carrier has conducted maritime air defense operations in the South China Sea, amid escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing, according to “Bloomberg” news agency Saturday.

The group, led by the aircraft carrier “USS” Ronald Reagan, said in a statement that the flight operations were carried out with fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and advanced maritime stability exercises and operations.

“Joshua Fagan, who is in charge of air operations on board the aircraft carrier “USS Ronald Reagan”, “in the statement:” Integration with our partners is important to ensure the response of the joint force and its ability to strike deadly and to keep the Indian Pacific region free and open. ”

And on July 21, Indian ships began joint training with a US aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean, highlighting the growing cooperation between the two naval powers of the two countries in the region.

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