A US agency: Iraq is requesting Arab assistance to expel the Turkish forces from its lands

Selava Omar –

The US agency “The Defense Post” reported that the Iraqi Foreign Ministry reported, on Thursday, that Iraq had urged its Arab allies to help persuade Turkey to withdraw its forces from Iraqi lands.

Her comments came two days after two high-ranking Iraqi officers were killed in a Turkish drone attack in the Kurdish autonomous region in northern Iraq, amid escalating tensions between Ankara and Baghdad.

On Wednesday, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Turkish envoy to Baghdad to protest the strike, which it described as “blatant aggression” and the violation of its sovereignty.

On Thursday, the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, said that he had contacted his Egyptian, Jordanian, Saudi and Kuwaiti counterparts, as well as the Arab League, to request their diplomatic support in confronting Ankara.

The ministry stated that he called for “major Arab efforts to avoid dangerous developments” and “a unified position to force Turkey to withdraw its forces that infiltrated Iraq.”

Over the past twenty-five years, Turkey has established dozens of military sites inside Iraqi territories under the same pretext of fighting the PKK.

On Thursday, the Turkish ambassador to Baghdad, Fatih Yildiz, issued a statement accusing Iraq of “turning a blind eye to the presence of PKK fighters on its territory.”

And at least five civilians have been killed in northern Iraq since the start of the latest Turkish campaign, launched by Ankara in mid-June, according to local officials.

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