Mckinsey warns of the resurgence of ISIS in the long term “we’re going to have huge problems”

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

The American newspaper “Washington Times” touched on the statements of the American general about the danger of the return of ISIS, and said: “The chief Pentagon official in the Middle East has warned that Washington will face huge problems from ISIS during the next decade unless Washington develops a comprehensive initiative to eliminate extremism.”

Although the terrorist organization known as “ISIS” has been stripped of its “caliphate” in Syria and Iraq, US Marine Corps General Kenneth Mackenzie, who heads US Central Command, has sounded the alarm that the group remains active and determined to recruit A new generation of jihadists.

Speaking at an online forum hosted by the United States Institute of Peace, General McKinsey provided a realistic glimpse into the challenges facing Washington and its partners, and analysts say ISIS is still able to launch terrorist strikes on a smaller scale while pursuing deeper strategic goals in various regions around the world.

Some foreign policy specialists have warned that the group has already established a fragile, albeit mutually beneficial, relationship with elements of the Taliban in Afghanistan with the goal of thwarting US-led peace efforts there.

Such an alliance could be dangerous, as the United States withdraws forces in the war-torn country over the coming months as part of a landmark agreement the Taliban and the Trump administration reached this year to reduce violence.

Pentagon leaders expressed confidence that ISIS no longer poses a direct threat to US and global national security, but General Mckinsey indicated that there is a strong and long-term initiative to de-radicalize is missing, and said that Washington may be making a fatal strategic mistake that could lead to the dangerous re-emergence of ISIS in Iraq in the future.

The general referred in particular to the “Al-Hol” refugee camp in northeastern Syria, which houses more than 65,000 displaced men, women and children from Iraq and Syria in addition to ISIS fighters.

The general indicated that al-Hol camp is an example of the long-term challenges facing the United States and its allies, and said that it is “one of the worst places in the world, and, along with similar camps, it could emerge as the main fertile ground and recruitment center for the next wave of ISIS terrorists.”

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