Factions loyal to Turkey kidnap a Kurdish citizen in Afrin

Sorkhin Resul –

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin announced today, Wednesday, that the Sham Legion, has kidnapped a Kurdish citizen.

The organization said in a statement that “EXPRESS 24” received a copy of it: The Sham Legion of the Turkish occupation kidnapped the Kurdish citizen “Radwan Muhammad bin Muhammad”, and his 40-year-old mother, Amina, from the village of “Jaqmaq al-Kabir” in the district of “Raju”, on charges of apostasy on 7/30/ 2020.

He was kidnapped by armed factions from his home in the village after his wife was killed.

The statement added: “The fact that his wife converted to Christianity before, the faction’s armed men prevented her family from washing her and shrouding her according to the customs and traditions followed in the region, claiming that this is not permissible, what angered her husband, so they kidnapped him and took him to the faction’s detention facilities in the city of Afrin and accused him of apostasy, and the source explained that there are fears that the faction’s armed men would apply the verdict of apostasy to him, accusing him of this accusation and retribution from him because he converted to Christianity according to their claim, and that the citizen “Radwan” was working as an English language teacher In his village and in the surrounding villages, before the occupation of Afrin.

The wife of the kidnapped

The statement indicated: “The accusation of Kurdish citizens of apostasy by the Syrian armed factions affiliated with the Turkish occupation is another argument to be added to the series of their crimes in the occupied Afrin region, and that their crimes are not different from the crimes of the terrorist organization ISIS since most of the leaders and leaders of the so-called Syrian National Army of the Turkish occupation are remnants of the organization ISIS and the Al-Nusra Front under the names of the factions.

Turkey and its loyal factions continue to carry out a number of violations of killing, kidnapping and displacement, as well as looting, robbing and stealing everything, in addition to arbitrary arrests, torture operations, persecution and kidnapping of citizens, storming their homes and violating their sanctities without any deterrence, in addition to demographic change processes through the settlement of Arabs and Turkmen coming from the regions of Syria Different, and the region almost completely robbed of its Kurdish identity and features, amid an utter international silence.

Translation: Selava Omar

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