To justify the Turkish bombardment of the region’s interior.. demands for “PKK” to transfer its operations outside the territories of Kurdistan

Sorkhin Resul –

The Ministry of Interior of the Kurdistan Regional Government issued, on Tuesday evening, a statement regarding the Turkish bombing of the Bradost border area, which resulted in deaths and injuries, including two Iraqi border guard officers.

The ministry said in the statement: “At 2:45 pm today, Tuesday, in the “Bradost” region, and while the Iraqi army’s border guards were busy filling in the voids in the border areas to keep tensions and war threats from the area and its residents, one of the wheels carrying the forces was targeted border guards by a Turkish army aircraft.

She added that the bombing led to the killing of two officers, Brigadier General Muhammad Rashid Suleiman, commander of the Second Border Guard Brigade, and Colonel Zubair Hali Taj al-Din, commander of the Third Regiment of the Second Brigade of the Border Guard Forces, in addition to the injury of Colonel Husam al-Din Abdul Rahman Hassan.

Claiming in her statement that the “PKK” and Turkey should keep their dispute out of the territory of the Kurdistan region and Iraq, and that citizens do not pay the price of these conflicts.

This statement comes as a service to the Turkish operations of the Kurdish lands that have become permissible for the Turkish soldiers, and began their bombing and violation of Iraqi sovereignty, and its occupation of Kurdish areas.

And some partisan Kurdish media sites in the Kurdistan region published on Tuesday evening false information according to a meeting that included the Iraqi Border Guard forces and members of the PKK militants, and that the Turkish bombing targeted the meeting site, and resulted in the death of the two Iraqi officers along with 11 elements of “PKK”,in the Turkish bombing .

Translation: Selava Omar

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