Turkey is using the refugee card to export chaos to Europe

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

Turkey is about to complete the provisions of the cordon on Europe from its south, and it has tightened its control over its east, as it has proceeded to blackmail some European countries with the refugees card and is currently trying to encircle the coasts of southern Europe with its presence in western Libya and use its coasts to export terrorists and mercenaries.

Libyan military sources revealed a Turkish plan to export the chaos to the European continent through illegal immigration boats that depart from Libya.

The sources stated, in identical information, that ISIS terrorists who were transferred by Turkey to Libya to fight alongside the illegal government of “Al- Wefaq” , have settled in the city of Sabratha, which is considered one of the starting points for illegal immigration boats.

And the French “RFA” published a report revealing the return of ISIS to the city of Sabratha under the pretext of their affiliation with the illegal government of “Al- Wefaq” militia.

The report emphasized that terrorists re-emerged and their elements began to appear from time to time.

The report also mentioned that the operations room of the pro-Turkish militias and mercenaries in Sabratha includes dangerous terrorists, including those on the terrorist lists of the Security Council.

In many previous statements, the Libyan army announced that it had detected terrorist groups and cells affiliated with ISIS in Sabratha and in the Soman Protectorate.

And international news agencies published news that 20 Syrian mercenaries had fled from one of the camps in Sabratha, on the western coast of the country.

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