Afrin Human Rights Organization Launches an Urgent Appeal to the World Nations and International Humanitarian and Human Rights Organizations

Sorkhin Resul –

Afrin Human Rights Organization – Syria (Kurdish Red Crescent) Shahba branch, appealed to the world’s nations and international humanitarian and human rights organizations on Monday, the appeal comes under the spike of cases in Northeast Syria regions, where the number of Covid-19 cases has increased to 119 with 10 recoveries and 5 deaths.

The Organization stated in a statement: ” The dangerous situation of Corona virus outbreak in Syria which many countries and organizations has earlier warned about is becoming a reality now, a grim future is awaiting Syrian people in general as the ongoing conflict which started 10 years ago across the country resulted in a massive destruction to the infrastructure, services sector, and the health sector in particular, all that resulted in a fragile health sector unable to stand against any dangerous pandemic.”

The statement added: ” With the World Health Organization’s announcement that the Corona virus has became a pandemic threatening humanity as a whole, and with many countries of the world taking harsh measures to contain the deadly virus, the World Health Organization’s demanded that all world governments shall do their utmost efforts in light of this virus’s continuing rapid spread all over the world.
Tedros Adhanom Director General of the World Health Organization has demanded the countries of the world, to take more strict measures and said that the best way to avoid infections and save lives is to break the chain of transmission of infection through testing and isolation.
On the other hand, leaders of the G7 countries confirmed that the Corona virus is a human tragedy and a global health crisis and that its risks are great and challenging, the spread of the virus requires an international approach based on science and evidence, and that their countries will do their utmost to limit its spread and find a quick and appropriate treatment for this disease.”

The statement continues: “We have mentioned above that the health situation in Syria in general is very poor and fragile and unable to resist the simplest types of diseases, as well as the situation in the areas of al-Shahba in particular, which are inhabited by the displaced of Syria’s region of Afrin who live a rough life within semi-destroyed buildings and totally collapsed infrastructure while a large number live in five camps wich lack of the basic necessities of life, and in the absence of governmental and international aid of any sort (health – service – social) for these camps the suffering of Afrin displaced has incredibly increased.

The novel Coronavirus has rapidly spread in Syria during July with Aleppo city reporting hundreds of cases and at the beginning of August 10 cases were recorded in al-Shahba areas, of which two died, while the spread of the virus may accelerate and reach its peak in late August, noting that al-Shahba area is besieged from all directions except for a single crossing linking it to the city of Aleppo and due to the movement of civilians between Aleppo and al-Shahba areas without preventive and precautionary measures, which may increase the number of infections. Consequently, a humanitarian catastrophe will occur in this geographical area that lacks the lowest conditions of health care, with the presence of a single hospital and some medical points with limited capabilities wich provide ambulance services for civilians in corporation with the sole medical active organization in the area the Kurdish Red Crescent which for years has been suffering from the lack of resources, especially with the presence of many epidemics such as leishmaniasis and other skin diseases spread in this geographical area, and as we know that the individual’s right to health is guaranteed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 Which stipulates the right to access health care and the right to access information and the prohibition of discrimination in the provision of medical and other services.”

The statement appealed: ” Based on the forgoing, we urgently call on all the world countries and human rights and humanitarian organizations especially the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the UNICEF, the International Red Cross, and each relevant health institutions to play thier humanitarian and morla role towards the Syrian people in general and particularly towards Afrin displaced in Al-Shahba Areas by the provision of urgent medical and relief assistance in order to reduce the spread of the virus as possible and reduce the size of the humanitarian disaster that can occur in the region. ”

Translated by Ahmed Akob

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