At the initiative of France … an international donor conference for Lebanon

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

From the United States to France, through China, Russia and Egypt, international donors are holding a video conference to support Lebanon, which has been rocked by a massive explosion and is suffering from a serious economic crisis.

The conference will start at 14:00 (12:00 GMT), and the French presidency said it would constitute “a step of necessity and hope for the country’s future.”

The conference, organized under the auspices of the United Nations, aims to obtain financial pledges of support from the participating countries, and to determine how to directly distribute aid intended for the people. European institutions will also participate in this organized event in order to mobilize emergency humanitarian aid for Beirut residents.

Beirut had witnessed a cautious calm, late on Saturday, after clashes between the Lebanese security forces and protesters who raised slogans and chants demanding the illegal disarmament and the departure of the political class, and the Lebanese army removed the demonstrators from the Foreign Ministry building, after they controlled it for a while, and stormed the headquarters Ministries of Environment, Economy and Energy and the Banking Association Building.

For his part, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab expressed his readiness to assume the responsibility of running the country for a period of two months, until the political parties in the country agree on the next stage, revealing that on Monday, a draft law will be presented to the Council of Ministers to hold early elections in the country.

In a statement, the American embassy in Beirut said that the US government supports the right of Lebanese protesters to “peaceful protest” and urges everyone to avoid violence. The embassy said on Twitter that the Lebanese people have suffered greatly and deserve the leaders “who changed their positions to respond to popular demands for transparency and accountability. “.

For its part, the European Council called for an independent investigation into the causes of the Beirut port explosion. In a statement following the visit of its President Charles Michel to the Lebanese capital, the European Council offered assistance in this investigation.

And the massive explosion that occurred Tuesday in a warehouse in the Lebanese capital, killing at least 158 people, 6 thousand wounded and dozens of missing, in addition to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people.

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