Record new deaths and infections with the Corona virus in northern and eastern Syria

Selava Omar –

Dr. “Joan Mustafa”, the co-chair of the Health Authority in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, he announced today, Sunday, the discovery of fifteen new cases of “Covid 19” in northern and eastern Syria.

“Mustafa” explained that the infections are divided as follows:

6 cases in Al-Hasakah

5 cases in Qamishlo

4 cases in al-Shahba

“Mustafa” added that there was a new case of death yesterday evening, for a wounded person in Hasaka.

“Mustafa” noted that the number of recoveries has increased to five.

It is noteworthy that 86 cases were previously announced, bringing the total number of Coronavirus cases with these new cases to 101 cases, including five deaths.

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