France urges financial sanctions against countries that undermine human rights

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

France will urge financial sanctions against countries that undermine basic human rights within the framework of the European Union’s Economic Recovery Fund worth 750 billion euros ($ 880 billion) of the Corona virus, French State Minister for European Affairs “Clement Boon” told the Financial Times.

And “Bonn” said in an interview published on Sunday.”We cannot say” to the citizens of France, Poland, Hungary and Europe, “” We can have financial solidarity in Europe and we are not concerned with how to respect the basic rules of democracy, freedom of the press and equal rights. ”

And the European Union is having a hard time responding to what many in Western Europe describe as the advance of authoritarianism on the eastern flank of Europe.

The European Commission, European Union deputies and activists said freedoms faced a threat in Poland and Hungary in particular.

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