Turkey condemns the agreement between America and SDF regarding oil in northern and eastern Syria

Brusk Hassan –

The Turkish Foreign Ministry announced, in its first reaction, that it condemned the oil agreement that took place between America and the Syrian Democratic Forces “SDF”, on Monday, in which an American company signed an official agreement announced by US Secretary of State “Mike Pompeo” on the oil wealth in Syria with The Syrian Democratic Forces “SDF”, describing them as ignoring international law.

The agreement was signed by the American company “Delta Crescent Energy”, with the company SDF “SDF”, to extract, process and trade oil in northeastern Syria.

In its statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry accused the self-administration and the YPG of separating, “The YPG clearly demonstrated its ambition to secede from Syria, by seizing the natural resources of the Syrian people.”

The statement stressed “the necessity of returning the Syrian natural resources to the Syrian people, expressing Ankara’s regret for Washington’s support for this step, which ignores international law, threatens the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria and provides a bid for terrorist financing.”

In the same vein, Damascus had taken the same speech yesterday, Sunday, and condemned the agreement between the SDF and America, describing it as theft from both sides.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said, “The agreement constitutes an attack on Syrian sovereignty and a continuation of the American hostile approach towards Syria in stealing the wealth of the Syrian people and impeding the efforts of the Syrian state to rebuild what was destroyed by most of the terrorism supported by the American administration itself.”

The source considered the agreement null and void and has no legal effect.

The Turkish and Syrian position stems from the historical enmity of the Kurdish people, where they refuse any recognition of their rights, even though the North Syria administration is not an exclusive Kurdish administration.

Translation: Selava Omar

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