Massive fires in California drive thousands to vacate their homes

Selava Omar –

The Fire Department in the “Riverside County” in southern California, the United States of America, reported that about 8 thousand of the residents of the county had to evacuate their homes, on Saturday, after the spread of an uncontrolled forest fire across more than 4 thousand acres.

And this fire was reported on Friday in the town of Sherry Valley, about 75 miles east of Los Angeles, and destroyed the home of at least one family by Saturday evening.

The administration said that 2586 homes had been informed of the necessity of evacuating their homes.

Official data in Brazil showed, on Saturday, that the number of fires in the Amazon rainforest in the country rose by 28% compared to last year, while environmental experts warned that this week’s jump may be an indication of the repeated devastation witnessed last year in The largest rainforest in the world.

The Brazilian Space Research Agency recorded 6,803 fires in the Amazon last month, up from 5,318 fires in July 2019.

Although this number represents the highest rate of fires in July in 3 years, it is considered small compared to the peak of those fires in August last year, which amounted to 30,900 fires, the highest rate in that month in 12 years.

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