The United States intends to withdraw about 11,000 soldiers from Germany

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

The US Secretary of Defense, “Mark Asper,” stated that the United States intends to withdraw about 11900 of its soldiers in Germany, bringing the number of American soldiers in Germany to 24,000.

And “Esber” indicated, in a press conference in Washington, that approximately 6,400 soldiers will be returned to the country, and about 5,600 others will be transferred to other European countries within NATO, with many periodic deployments in Europe.

The Pentagon said that the forces that are deployed periodically can be deployed in Poland and northeastern Europe near the Baltic region and in southeastern Europe in the vicinity of the Black Sea.

Isber did not specify a timetable for a partial troop withdrawal, but he said it would happen as soon as possible, and some changes might happen within weeks, but others needed more time.

It is worth noting that US President Donald Trump announced the partial withdrawal of his forces from Germany last June, justifying this as what he considered insufficient spending from Germany on defense.

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