Clashes break out between demonstrators against racism and the police in Seattle, America

Selava Omar –

Police used light bombs and pepper gas to repel demonstrators in American Seattle, which joined a movement that began in Portland against racism as federal security personnel deployed by order of US President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Portland, Oregon’s largest city, where protest rallies have been taking place for nearly two months, and witnessed new clashes on Friday night between protesters and the police.

And on Saturday night, Sunday, there were incidents in the city of Seattle, in Washington State, especially when police protesters attempted to set fire to a detention center for minors.

The “Seattle Times” reported that 16 people had been arrested.

It is reported that the protest movement began in this northwestern city of the United States, as is the case throughout the country and the world, after the death of the black American, George Floyd, suffocated under the knee of a white policeman in the city of Minneapolis.

And it expanded as federal police officers arrived in mid-July to Portland

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