British Defense Secretary warns that ISIS remains a “most important threat”

Selava Omar –

The British Minister of Defense, “Ben Wallace,” reported that about 360 Britons who joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq are still at large or in places of detention, and that the Royal Air Force planes hit 40 terrorist targets in the framework of operations against the organization during the past 12 months According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” .

Wallace said: “These targets include the caves inhabited by ISIS terrorists in remote areas in northern Iraq, weapons caches and training camps, and also included the destruction of two important points of ISIS in heavy fighting with Iraqi security forces,” .

He pointed out that although ISIS has lost control of the lands it controlled in Syria and Iraq, the fighting with it has not ended and is still arduous, adding: “The toxic ideology continues to persist, and their pernicious influence continues to spread.”

He noted that ISIS maintains the structure necessary to carry out attacks against Britain, and said: “ISIS remains the greatest terrorist threat to the United Kingdom and our interests.”

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