Through the Libya portal.. Turkey “sends extremism” to Europe

Selava Omar –

Libya has long been Africa’s port of illegal immigration to Europe, but the worsening crisis in the war-torn country has revealed that the security threat to European countries is greater than previously thought.

Libyan National Army spokesman “Ahmed Al-Mismari” said “There are about a thousand Syrians who fled via Zuwara and Sabratah towards Europe only last week, through boats provided by a European country in support of the Libyan coast guard, but they are now being used for illegal immigration”.

And earlier reports had revealed that many of the Syrian pro-Turkish mercenaries had already succeeded in reaching Europe via ports in Libya, and the national army had arrested many of them who were about to migrate to Italy, and some of them were members of ISIS.

Observers believe that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan maneuvers Europe with the mercenaries he brought from Syria as a blackmail card, so that Libya remains a source of threat to Europe and a permanent headache for Europeans.

And the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had revealed a few days ago that the number of mercenaries that Turkey had sent to Libya during the past few months exceeded 16,000.

The file raises the concern of the European Union countries again, as illegal immigration represents one of the threats it faces, especially from the Libyan portal, which is a major southern Mediterranean launch point to smuggle people through death trips.

Source: Sky News

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