In great development.. as in Syria.. Turkey betrays the American position in Libya and agrees with Russia

Brusk Hassan – Xeber24.net

Once again, as in Syria, Turkey agrees with Russia in Libya as well, far from the US decision.

According to preliminary, news Turkey and Russia have decided to continue joint efforts to create conditions for a permanent and sustainable ceasefire in Libya.

Turkey and Russia decided to continue the joint efforts in order to create the conditions for a permanent and sustainable ceasefire in Libya, and according to a statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, there have been talks between Turkey and Russia, there is no military solution to the crisis in Libya and political dialogue is necessary.

In the same context, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that the existing conflicts in the Middle East, including the Syria and Libya crises, can only be resolved through negotiations on the basis of compromises and a balance of interests.

And the Russian Foreign Minister, “Sergey Lavrov”, received in Algiers today his Algerian counterpart, Sabri Bogadom, and during their meeting they touched on the Libyan file.

Bogadom: There is no military solution to the Libyan crisis, and political dialogue is required

Bogadom: We agreed on the mandatory ceasefire and the easing of tension to move to a political settlement in Libya.

Bogadom: The solution in Libya must depend on the outputs of Berlin and international law

Lavrov: The ceasefire in Libya is not a goal in itself, but must be immediately followed by a political process aimed at restoring the Libyan state’s entity to its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Lavrov: Unlike foreign powers, Russia has not bet on any party to the Libyan conflict.

And this announcement is considered a Turkish-Russian blow to the American positions supporting Turkey in the Libyan crisis, as it became clear that Turks and Russians can agree on the same way they did in Syria, despite the differences that beset the agreements of the two parties, and the contradictions that impede their path in the rest of the regions and countries.

Translation: Selava Omar

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