Washington Post: The United States is still on the margins of the conflict in Libya.. while Russia is expanding its influence

Selava Omar –

Washington Post newspaper reported that the position of the United States on the sidelines of the conflict – complicated by confusion over the side backed by Washington – is gaining new importance because Russia, Turkey and perhaps Egypt are n
ow pouring weapons and fighters into a flammable battle.

The newspaper quoted a Western diplomat as saying that the Libyans are unable to make their own decisions, and are completely dependent on foreign actors, as the United States is completely out of the game.

And in recent months, Libya has become an arena of intervention for all regional and European powers, many of which are US allies who have interfered in the security and political vacuum to support competing governments.

And the gap is increasing between NATO countries, while mercenaries are pushing from Russia, Syria and Africa with the aim of making a living as a result of poor economic conditions.

United Nations Secretary-General ” Antonio Guterres” warned that the conflict has entered a new and precarious stage as a result of an unprecedented foreign military involvement.

In recent weeks, Trump has called for a halt to fighting in talks with the leaders of Egypt, Turkey and France, as US military officials have sounded the alarm about new Russian military deployments that could threaten US naval assets in the Mediterranean.

And the chaotic situation also draws attention to the fact that the United States may have underestimated its ability to shape the future of Libya according of the newspaper.

“Unfortunately, the United States is ceding its influence, and all countries that have benefited from the absence of the United States are now benefiting,” said Libyan expert on the Atlantic Council, Imaduddin Badi.

It seems that the motivation behind the involvement of Russia and Turkey is the position of Libya, which is considered one of the largest oil producers in the world, and its location from the southern wing of Europe.

The chief intelligence officer of the US Command for Africa, Admiral Heidi Berg, who has taken unusual steps to document Russian intervention in Libya openly, said: Moscow is trying to position itself as a mediator of peace while fueling the conflict behind the scenes.

The war in Libya does not appear to be at the top of US foreign policy priorities, as the White House focuses on China and Iran and Trump’s desire to reduce America’s role in rebel conflicts, all against the backdrop of the coronarvirus epidemic and looming US elections according to newspaper.

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