A senior official in the Syrian Democratic Council reveals to “Xeber24” the conditions of their dialogue with Turkey and confirms their readiness for dialogue with the regime

Prepare: Sorkhin Resul –
Translation: Selava Omar

Vice President of the Executive Board of the Syrian Democratic Council, Hekmat Habib, stressed that there is no real guarantor that curbs Turkey’s ambitions in the northeastern regions of Syria so far, noting that the dialogue with the Turkish state is conditional on its withdrawal from all the areas it occupies in Syria, and expressing goodwill Neighborhood.

This came in a private dialogue with “Xeber24”, today, Saturday, where he indicated that “there are agreements that took place between Turkey and the United States on the one hand, and between Russia and Turkey on the other hand, but since the date of that agreement concluded between these countries, Turkey has not Its obligations fully within these agreements. ”

Habib added, “It bombs civilians and crosses borders and also tries to occupy other areas of north and east Syria and threatens the region from time to time, and this confirms that Turkey is a rogue state that does not abide by international laws and treaties, even if it is between them and countries, and there is no guarantor Real prevents Turkey from taking military action in the areas of self-administration until the moment.

He explained, “Turkey is an occupied country for the Syrian lands, it is occupied by Afrin and Jarablus, Azaz, Al-Bab, Ras al-Ain, Tel Abyad, The Turkish state if it withdraws from these areas and has a real intention for a good-neighborly relationship and dialogue We are ready for dialogue as long as it withdraws from these areas and stops its attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria. ”

As Habib noted, “As for the Syrian regime and any forces inside the Syrian regime, no matter how different we are with them, we are ready for dialogue. We in the Democratic Syria Council have launched many dialogue meetings if there is one eye in Easa, or Ein Easa 2, and Kobani, and we always work and overcome language Dialogue is on the military side, but until the moment there is no progress on these two levels.

He stressed, “The Syrian regime is determined to resolve the military and still has the mentality of the central state, and not to accept the democratic system that we are appealing to in northeastern Syria.”

He pointed out, “There is no free will on the part of the Syrian regime due to Iranian and Russian restrictions, as it is implementing the agenda of these countries away from the interests of the Syrian people and always we call on the Syrian government to abandon the agenda of these countries, and dialogue is the only solution between the Syrians and we are ready for dialogue, but Until now, the regime adheres to the central system and one party, and does not always want a democratic solution in which all are equal in rights and duties.

The politician in the Syrian Democratic Council pointed out that “the Kurdish-Kurdish understanding is a positive step towards the Syrian-Syrian understanding, and it is an important step towards the national solution because the Kurds are a basic component in northern and eastern Syria, and Syria in general, when the Kurdish class is united, this is a step For the beginning of uniting the ranks of the Syrians and thus finding a political solution that satisfies all the Syrian parties after suffering ten years of war and destruction.

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