Tensions escalated between Russia and Turkey in Syria

Selava Omar –

The attacks in northern Syria have raised fears of losing a fragile four-month truce, amid growing danger that conflicts in other parts of the world could affect the Turkish-Russian agreement, according to the Emirati newspaper, “The National”.

Last week, a roadside bomb exploded on the highway, injuring elements of a joint Russian-Turkish patrol operating under the agreed cease-fire in Idlib governorate.

And hours after Tuesday’s attack, Russian warplanes launched air strikes on northwestern Syria.

The next day, Russian planes reportedly bombed the door, and analysts said the strike may have been in response to Turkey’s involvement in the Libyan conflict, where, as in Syria, Moscow and Ankara support the opposing parties.

“Alexei Klebnikov”, Middle East expert and Russian foreign policy analyst at the Russian International Affairs Council, said that attacks on patrols in Idlib could give Russia a legitimate reason to pressure Turkey to rein in the opposition fighters it supports, but Moscow considers them terrorists.

“If Turkey does not do so, Russia may carry out a limited process,” he said.

Darren Khalifa, senior analyst at the International Crisis Group in Syria, she said: “Russia and the regime’s strategy toward Idlib was a gradual military strategy, hitting and stopping and then agreeing to a ceasefire with the Turks and pausing for a moment, but there are always reasons to break the cease-fire again,”

Ultimately, she added, this ceasefire will start to erode and as long as there are fundamental differences, the ceasefire will always be in danger

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