What did Russia ask the SDF.. and why did McKinsey hurry to meet General Mazlum Abdi?

Brusk Hassan –

The Syrian situation continues to deteriorate amid the escalation of regional and international conflicts, with many of them becoming in the areas of influence and division of the country in an undisclosed manner, although everyone claims that the unity of the Syrian land should be preserved.

And the Russians have the lion’s share in destroying the infrastructure and displacing millions by standing beside the Syrian regime, and one of the methods used by the Russian leadership is political provocation and superior dealing with the Syrian political parties.

After the Russians reached the conviction that they could not spread in all regions of northern and eastern Syria, especially in the border strip with the Kurdistan region of Iraq and with the Turkish borders, they resorted to a method of political provocation, through which the Russian leadership tries to obtain more areas of influence in the eastern city of Hasaka, especially In the regions of Rumilan and Derek.

The Russians are demanding the return of the forces of the Syrian regime and its institutions over the entire geography and regions of northern and eastern Syria with a complete refusal to recognize any project, whether self-administration, autonomy or even federalism as well, or the door was opened for the Turkish army to launch new operations in the Kurdish cities and their occupation.

The Russian President called on the Syrian Democratic Forces to incite the people to remove the American forces from Syria, by inciting the citizens to organize demonstrations and sit-ins against America and its presence in the Syrian territories.

The SDF and its self-administration are clear in its speech, and it is open to establishing relations with all parties, at the same distance from all countries, especially those working to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis, and that America did not come to Syria at the request of the SDF, But they entered Syrian territory after the spread of ISIS and their control over large areas of the Syrian and Iraqi geography.

But the Syrian Democratic Forces did not fully accept the Russian provocative method and rejected it and was a strong blow, especially after the commander of the American Central Forces Kenneth McKinsey arrived at the headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which led to the failure of the Russian plans that were strengthening themselves with the stick of the Turkish attack on the north and east Syria and its occupation of new cities.

The Russian style also stirred its direction in Syria, and Mckinzey’s coming was carrying many messages, including that America is determined and continuous to provide support to the Syrian Democratic Forces and to maintain and develop the existing relationship and expand, and to provide advice and training to the Self-Defense Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces and to maintain the liberated areas from under the control Elements of ISIS, and work together to ensure that ISIS does not return in any way.

In short, the Russians threaten by the Turkish and American sticks, they reassure the SDF that they will be in the future Syria project in any way, and the unity of the Kurdish class and with it the components of northern and eastern Syria will be the guarantee of the success of the democratic Syria project that the SDC and its forces aim at the SDF.

Translation: Selava Omar

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