Putting out fire on an American warship in “San Diego”

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

The American Naval Commander, Admiral “Philip Subic”, said today, Friday, that all fires aboard a US Navy ship were extinguished after they broke out for several days while landing in San Diego, according to media sources.

Admiral “Philippe Subic” added that it was unclear whether the ship could be rescued and brought back to work.

And “Subic” said during a press briefing at the US Naval base in San Diego, that firefighters were combing the amphibious attack ship, Bonhomme Richard, which was 257 meters long, to ensure that all the fire was extinguished before opening an official investigation into the cause of the fire.

“We do not know the cause of the fire, nor do we know the extent of the damage,” said the commander of the US Navy’s third strike group, noting that it was too early to give any speculations or promises related to the future of the ship.

And the fires started on Sunday morning, followed by at least one huge explosion aboard the “Bonhomme Richard” which was launched in 1998.

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