Turkish danger escalates and extends to eastern “Mediterranean”

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

Turkey has become a source of confusion in the world. After its unlawful interference in Libya, Syria, and Iraq, and it is renewed tension in the eastern Mediterranean, where it angered Cyprus, yesterday, Wednesday, after launching a new exploration process for oil and gas off the divided coast of the island, despite the threat The European Union, Ankara, to impose sanctions on it if it does not stop its “illegal” operations.

Cyprus’s “RIK” station reported that a Turkish drilling ship would continue to prospect for natural gas off the coast of Cyprus, despite repeated criticism from the European Union.

The European Union has condemned these Turkish actions more than once, and has promised more punitive measures against Ankara.

Turkey has chosen to proceed with the illegal sixth drilling in less than a year, violating the sovereign rights of Cyprus and destabilizing the region, and analysts assert that what Turkey does in the maritime areas of Cyprus cannot be viewed in isolation, that it forms part of an alarming behavior, according to Al Bayan Newspaper.

A number of analysts affirm that Erdogan’s hostile mentality led him to assume that his meddling interventions would allow him to implement his expansionist and aggressive policies, in flagrant violation of the principles of international law and state sovereignty, by carrying out military operations, or suspicious agreements to win oil deals or exploit the issue of migrants to blackmail Europe.

And Turkey seeks to pursue an expansionary policy that exceeds all international covenants, and is working to expand in a number of countries, in contravention of international law, and Ankara has resorted in the eastern Mediterranean region to breach the maritime region of Greece and Cyprus, and in Libya sent thousands of mercenaries from factions belonging to what are called “To the Syrian opposition,” and I threw them on the front lines against the Libyan National Army.

Italian and French press reports also mentioned Turkish, oil and security companies entering Tripoli and concluding agreements with the Al-Wefaq government to take a share of the wealth of the Libyan people.

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