Italians defeat Corona by the beautiful nature .. rural tourism is thriving !!

Selava Omar –

The Corona pandemic has revived the Italians’ passion for the countryside, in order to spend comfortable and safe holidays at the same time, without the risk of being in crowded places.

The recent weeks have witnessed a boom in what is known as “farm holidays”, to be the champion of this summer’s season.

According to the Italian website “Today”, in these troubled times due to the emergence of the new Corona virus, the farms will overtake the hotel facilities this year to become the Italian tourism champion for the summer of 2020.

Italy is a world leader in rural tourism with 24,000 rural tourist buildings scattered throughout the peninsula, from north to south, through its islands, according to Coldiretti (National Federation of Italian Direct Farmers).

Italy has such a large number of rural establishments that are usually located in isolated areas of the countryside in family buildings with a limited number of beds and large open spaces in the open air, factors that may make it a very appropriate place to ensure compliance and adherence to the health safety measures that are still required In this epidemiological period, then it is a perfect fit for a safe and wonderful vacation.

In addition to health safety, rural holidays provide a selection of advantages for them, calm, relaxing, delicious traditional healthy food, nature, various activities and outdoor sports, and the rediscovery of villages and small towns and their ancient traditions in the Italian countryside, as an alternative to the most popular and crowded tourist destinations Like big cities.

This type of rural tourism holidays is characterized by the ability to choose between coastal, rural and mountainous sites, which suit all preferences and tastes, all factors explaining the reasons for the prosperity of “rural farm holidays” for the summer of the corona virus.

Source: AL-Ain

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