Turkey seeks help from the refugee card to face European pressure

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

The European Union on Monday expressed concern and dissatisfaction with Turkey’s behavior in the eastern Mediterranean and human rights violations in this country, but Ankara’s hinting of the refugee card prevents it from taking any measures, according to the sources.

And European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said,”Our relations with Turkey are not good at the present time, and that will be the most prominent point on the agenda,” s before he chaired a meeting of European Union foreign ministers, the first to be held in Brussels four months ago.

“Borel” visited Ankara a week ago and held difficult talks with Turkish Foreign Minister “Mevlüt Çavüşo oglu”.

And swedish Foreign Minister Ann Lindy said”What is going on in Turkey is disturbing,” , while her Spanish counterpart, Arancha Gonzalez Laia, explained, “We see a series of moves by Turkey that calls for discussion on how we deal with it.”

France, which has been embroiled in tension with its relations with Turkey, has called for talks within the European Union aimed at “clarifying” the position that should be taken toward Turkey.

Ankara is carrying out gas exploration operations in the economic zone in Cyprus, which the European Union considers illegal and has prompted it to impose sanctions on Turkish citizens.

Turkish Foreign Minister “Borel” warned during their meeting, and he said that the European Union should link the issue of immigration to tension in the eastern Mediterranean, and warned that if there is no progress in the talks, Turkey will not prevent refugees who want to go to Europe.

It is reported that there are major differences between Turkey and its partners in the European Union, as Ankara provides military support to the government of reconciliation in Libya and its Islamic allies, and is accused of violating the United Nations arms embargo on this country

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