France: Europe supports Cyprus and Greece in the face of Turkish politics

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

A statement of the French Foreign Ministry said yesterday Monday that the position of the European Union countries is united towards the need to support the position of both Cyprus and Greece in facing Turkish policies.

For his part, the German Foreign Minister, “Haiku Maas”, in a speech yesterday, Monday, to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, stressed that “Turkey’s behavior at the regional level is unacceptable.”

Mas stressed that “no one accepts that Libya turn into a spoil divided by Russia and Turkey,” saying that “no one has any interest in turning Libya into Syria again.”

Mas’s comments came after a meeting in “Brussels” of foreign ministers of European Union member states to discuss strained relations with Turkey.

“Borrell” revealed that he had “lengthy and interesting consultations with the European ministers on Turkey,” stressing that “Turkey must respect European values and interests for better relations” between the two parties.

He considered that “the unilateral actions of Turkey on the Mediterranean are against the sovereignty of states,” adding: “We invite Turkey to participate actively in order to reach a political solution in Libya.”

He also reported that the European Union’s strained relations with Turkey are due to its “movements in the eastern Mediterranean and Libya,” adding: “Turkey should contribute to advancing peace efforts in Turkey.”

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