European experts: “Sirte” is Erdogan’s impossible goal

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

Three of the most prominent European experts on Libyan affair said that Turkey does not have any opportunity to resolve the conflict in Libya in its favor, adding that France stands on the right side, and the European Union is required to support the national army in “the oil-rich country”.

Turkey continues to send mercenaries and weapons to Tripoli to launch an attack on the strategic city of Sirte, which is considered a red line for the Libyan army and Egypt.

Despite these preparations, Turkey and the Al-Wefaq government have no opportunity to resolve the battle in their favor in Sirte, according to Andreas Dietman, the German expert on Libyan affairs.

These developments lead the head of the advisory body to the National Council for American-Libyan Relations, expert “Wolfgang Puztai” to believe that “the situation is heading for an escalation in Libya.”

And the expert said to “Al-Ain” agency that the forces of the Turkish-backed government of Al-Wefaq have ended their readiness to launch an attack on “Sirte” .

“Detman” explained that Turkey “cannot control matters or win the conflict in Libya.”

He continued, “The European Union supports the wrong partners in Libya,” explaining, “Yes, countries like Turkey and Qatar support the militias that are close to the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, but these are not allies of the West, and cooperating with them just because they control the region from which illegal immigrants head towards Europe, Error”.
And “Dittman” noted that the position of the European Union in Libya is “very weak” because the bloc “does not speak with one voice, and its countries support various parties.”

For his part, the director of the Center for Arab World Studies at the German University of Mainz, “Gunter Meyer”, said: “We are dealing with a proxy war in Libya, where different parties depend on the support they receive from the countries”.

“The current situation could lead to a military stalemate that preserves the current separation lines between the parties,” and therefore Turkey will not be able to control Sirte.

And “Sirte” is a major strategic point in Libya, as it is the oil gate of Al Hilal, which is the oil production region, a main passage for pipelines, and it is also a gateway to control the capital, Tripoli.

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