Walt Disney opens its doors again in Florida, USA

Selava Omar – -“Agencies”

According to media reports, The Walt Disney Company reopened the doors of its famous park in Florida on Saturday for the first time in four months amid a wave of cases of coronavirus in the US state, but imposed on the public the placing of the muzzle.

The company has received a limited number of guests in some parts of the vast “Orlando” complex, which is the entertainment resort that has the largest number of visitors in the world, in light of a set of safety measures that have been put in place to reassure visitors and reduce their chances of contracting the Corona virus.

At the two parks of the “Magic Kingdom” and the “Animal Kingdom” that opened their doors on Saturday, visitors and staff put up masks, underwent temperature checks, and were told to adhere to social spacing everywhere, whether in the streets or while riding horses. Visitors stood in rows separated by glass screens while signs on the ground indicated where people stood to keep their spacing apart.

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