The water war is the other side of Turkish occuption in Syria

Selava Oamr –

The state of disintegration and chaos in Syria for the tenth year in a row led to its transformation into a loophole through which the Iranian and Turkish expansion projects alike, at the expense of Arab and regional national security, infiltrated the Iranian project through its alliance with the Assad regime in Damascus, and the Turkish through embracing many currents The so-called “Syrian opposition”.

Turkey’s perception of the future of the Syrian neighbor, a foggy perception that reflects the blurring of the political vision of the Justice and Development Party led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that policy that does not want and cannot get out of the illusions of islamic political, to which is added the Turkish nationalist turmoil factor that appears clearly in the face of the Turkish Kurds and the Kurdish issue Generally, no matter how many areas you move in.

Turkey did not take into account the difficult circumstances resulting from the recent spread of Corona virus, despite international appeals, which said that the Turkish authorities must “make every effort to resume the supply of water from the water pumping station in Alok, near “Ras al-Ain”, which includes more than 450 thousand Syrians north of Hasaka, in addition to To three camps for the displaced. ”

Where the reality that Turkey imposes in Syria extends beyond the economic impact to very dangerous effects, which flow into the ethnic and sectarian population structure, a dislocation caused by the massacres and abuses committed by some Syrian military factions that are subject to Turkish hegemony, whether in Idlib or Afrin.

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