The Turkish incursion into northern Syria has caused further division and tension in region

Selava Omar –

Colonialism has many faces and forms, ranging from direct military occupation, economic and security control, and cultural and political substitution, and in its choice of this or that form has to do with different circumstances and the existence of necessities, but it has one substance, which lies in the control exercised by one state over another people and control of its fate, For political goals and projects.

Perhaps this is exactly what Turkey is doing towards some countries today, as Erdogan’s allegations that his country does not intend to preserve the Syrian lands, and that it is keen on the unity of the Syrian lands, are refuted by the facts and procedures implemented by the Turkish authorities day after day in the area between Idlib and Jarablus to Ras Al-Ain and Tel Abyad in northeast Syria, and the authorities ’step-by-step strategy turned into direct occupation.

As Turkish intervention in 3 major cities in northern Syria created catastrophic conditions for the entire region, and greatly exacerbated ethnic tensions in areas that were coexist, safe and stable, in which the administrative government of self-administration succeeded in providing appropriate conditions , and supporting civil society, Which contributed to creating a stable environment, and pushed the region to become a population and economic center of attractions and provided employment and development opportunities.

According to UN reports, and many reports of international and domestic organizations, war crimes have been committed by Turkey and the Syrian armed groups that support it under the name (Syrian National Army), from field executions, to bombing infrastructure, bombing schools and hospitals, kidnapping and arresting civilians, and seizing Real estate, property, land, crops, livestock, emptying silos and cutting water, as well as blackmailing residents for their livelihood, security and kidnapping for ransom.

In addition to the discrimination faced by the local population as a whole, especially the Kurds, and that less than 4% have returned to their homes, under difficult conditions of persecution and subject to widespread discrimination, they and the rest of the local population are victims of many human rights violations committed by pro-Turkish factions .

In fact, the Turkish statements regarding concern for the unity of the Syrian lands contradict the practical measures they are doing on the ground, and perhaps sending more troops and equipment there raises the question about the need for them? And what are you planning for? Is this a preparation for a new war or a permanent presence within the framework of imposing a fait accompli policy? Turkey has done this previously in the Iskenderun district, which it named Hatay, as well as in northern Cyprus .. It is the Turkish colonial spirit that emerges from the Ottoman legacy to restore Turkish control over northern Syria and Iraq to Tripoli, the west in Libya.

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